How do I jump to a URL from a window (frame)?

How do I jump to a URL from a window (frame)?

My problem is that the main applet serves as a sort of navigator page. When the user clicks a certain mouse xy the applet opens a new window (frame). This new frame contains some more graphics and servers as a sub-navigation window. When the user clicks a mouse xy in the window, the applet must make a :

getAppletContext().showDocument(theURL,”_main”);, which under normal curcumtances opens a new browser window with the URL. PThe problem is that this seams impossible because I can’t even compile the code; I get the message “Can’t make static reference to method getDocument.” The mouse handler is placed in the main applet and not in the window’s class. If I place it in the window’s class I get the message “method getDocumentBase() not found in MyFrame” (the name of the window class).Any suggestions?

I hope I understand your question. My suggestion is toadd a constructor to your frame class that includes an appletparameter:

 class SubNavigator extends Frame {      private MyApplet master;      public SubNavigator(MyApplet a, …) {         master = a;         // etc.      }       // etc.
}Using this parameter you may now access the browser context andpublic members of the applet from inside the frame:
 URL u = new URL(master.getDocumentBase(), “foo.html”);   master.showDocument(u);   // etc.


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