Can I use more than one criteria in the QueryWhere(“col1=’val1′”&”col2=’val2′) to refresha bound grid? I would really appreciate an answer or a solution; we are on the border line between tossing OPO and six weeks of work in favor of PowerBuilder 5.0, Delphi or maybe VB.

The QueryWhere() method takes a string that is the equivalent of theWHERE clause in an SQL statement. The QueryWhere() can takemultiple conditions, the same as a WHERE clause, so you should have noproblem.

The problem might be in your syntax. If you want to set the conditionwhere col1 is equal to val1 and col2 is equal to val2, you should use thesyntax

QueryWhere(“col1 = ‘val1’ AND col2 = ‘val2′”)
This will work fine.

Also, make sure you use actual strings for the values,rather than trying to access the Value property directly.

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