‘Structs and classes

‘Structs and classes

Please examine my code and tell me what I am doing wrong!

This is the first part of my program:

#include #include class LinkedLst{	public:		LinkedLst();					//Constructor		void AddToFront(int Value);		//Add Value to the front of the list		void Print();					//Print the list elements		void Average();					//Calculate and print the average of the list elements		void Search(int X);				//Search the list for X, output its position or the message”Not Found!”	private:		struct Node		{			int Data;			Node *Link;		};				Node *FirstNode;};LinkedLst::LinkedLst(){	FirstNode = ‘Null’;}
This is the error I am getting:
C:c++proj7.cpp(33) : error C2446: ‘=’ : no conversion from ‘const int’ to ‘struct LinkedLst::Node *’ (new behavior; please see help)

The line

FirstNode = ‘Null’;
is syntatically wrong.

When you write anything inside single quotes, that type is treated as a char constant. The correct predefined const forassigning to pointers is NULL. Also, the language defines 0 as being a pointervalue different from any other. So I prefer to just assign 0 to mypointers.

So you’ll want to write that statement as:

FirstNode = NULL;
FirstNode = 0;


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