May 6, 1997

Creating paradox-type tables at runtime

Question: I want to create paradox-type tables at runtime, which I am generally doing in this way:Table1.FieldDefs.Add(‘IDnum’, ftInteger, 0, False)….Table1.CreateTableHowever, there seems to be no FieldType for an auto-increment number

How to access your comport

Question: How can I access my comport? How can I send bytes to the datatransfer pin? I’m using Delphi 1.0I’ve tried writecomm and transmitcommchar (and I’ve opened the port with

‘Structs and classes

Question: Please examine my code and tell me what I am doing wrong!This is the first part of my program:#include #include class LinkedLst{ public: LinkedLst(); //Constructor void AddToFront(int Value); //Add

ActiveX and Delphi

Question: Does Delphi support ActiveX? If so, do I need something extra to run ActiveX controls in Delphi? Answer: As long as the OCX is registered (which you can do

Type conversion

Question: How does one convert a double to an int? Is there a function like floor that actually returns an int? Answer: There are many things you can do to

The time.h Header File

Question: I am trying to write a program that provides a constructor that’s capable of using the current time from the time() function declared in the C standard library header

Processor fault

Question: Why do I get with the following program, this error: general protection exeption, 0x215f:0x1ef3timer(1) 0x215f:0x1ef3 Processor fault.Program (very small):#include #include int get_value (int _value);void main (void){ int _time=0; int