May 6, 1997

Two-dimensional array

Question: How can I dynamically declare a 2D array and pass it as a parameter to a function?Here’s an example of what I’m trying to do:#include #include #include const SIZE

Exporting data

Question: I wasn’t able to find out what all the command line switches for dbexport do. The only ones I found were -o and -c.Is there a way to export

What happens to dangling pointers in java?

Question: What happens to dangling pointers in Java? Supposedly there is garbage collection, but when is it performed? From what Ihave read, it seems really easy to have persistent danglingpointers

Creating paradox-type tables at runtime

Question: I want to create paradox-type tables at runtime, which I am generally doing in this way:Table1.FieldDefs.Add(‘IDnum’, ftInteger, 0, False)….Table1.CreateTableHowever, there seems to be no FieldType for an auto-increment number