Type conversion

Type conversion

How does one convert a double to an int? Is there a function like floor that actually returns an int?

There are many things you can do to convert a float to an int depending upon what results you expect. If you want to use the built-in languageconversions, you can simply assign the float to an integer. For example:

float f = 9.99;int i;i = int(f); // conversion.. truncates.
This will truncate the value and always return the integral part.

Also, notice that the typecast to int was not really necessary, but I like to write itexplicitly to make my intentions well-known. If you want to achieve somethingwith the conversion other than the standard behavior, you will haveto use functions from the standard C++ or C library.

Two useful functions are floor and ceil. Both of these return float, but the value can be used as an integer.


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