Adding lines to a TStrings Type Property

Adding lines to a TStrings Type Property

What am I doing wrong? I can insert the date and time to a Label component very easily (see first proc below), but not into a RichEdit component. I get three errors as if Delphi is looking for more. Why? And what is missing?

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);begin Label1.Caption := DateTimeToStr(Now);end;procedure TForm1.RichEdit1Enter(Sender: TObject);begin  RichEdit1.Lines.Add := (DateTimeToStr(Now));end;

In your code, list the following:

procedure TForm1.RichEdit1Enter(Sender: TObject);begin  RichEdit1.Lines.Add := (DateTimeToStr(Now));end;
Here’s the problem. Add is a function and the string you want to add must bea parameter of that function. So instead of what wrote above, do thefollowing:
procedure TForm1.RichEdit1Enter(Sender: TObject);begin  RichEdit1.Lines.Add(DateTimeToStr(Now));end;
Although this is a pretty simple fix, you’d be amazed at how even seasoned veteransfall prey to this problem.


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