32-bit VCL Errors

32-bit VCL Errors

I’ve downloaded some components for use in Delphi 2.0, but I can’t get them to install into the VCL. Even the 32-bit dedicated ones come up with an error saying that WinTypes.pas can’t be found. The number accompanying the message is either 30, 31 or 32. It also refers to cmplib32.dpr, which doesn’t seem to exist.

I asked someone on #Delphi, and they said WinTypes.pas isn’t needed under 2.0.Many of them are DCUs, so I can’t check the source to try and find out what the included units are.

WinTypes, WinProcs and WinErrs are all part of Delphi 1.0. In Delphi 2.0,they’ve all been incorporated into Windows.PAS. But as you’re experiencing,some components have declared these units in their uses clauses. So what todo? Follow these steps:

  1. Click on Tools|Options to open the Environment Options dialog box
  2. Click on the Library tab
  3. In the Aliases group’s Unit Aliases field, make sure you have the following:
These are substitutions. Any time the compiler sees either of these entriesin the uses section of a unit, it will compile the appropriate substitutionunit. You probably have this field blank if you’re getting the error “Can’tfind unit WinTypes.”


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