Database application deployment

Database application deployment

I want to deploy a database application developed with Delphi 2 that will access an Interbase database via TCP/IP, but I cannot find any documentation that describes precisely which files I need to distribute to install BDE on client machines. I’ve read deploy.txt, as the Database App. Dev. Guide suggests, and while I appreciate my new understanding of my licensing rights, I am no closer to the real answer.

By the way, I want to use SQL Links and I want to be able to configure the BDE/alias settings without user intervention.Any thoughts?

There are two ways to deploy applications written in Delphi 2.0. If you haveDeveloper Level and above, get your Delphi CD and put it in your CD-ROMdrive. One of the directories on the CD is called ISXPress. This is a neatlittle utility called, you guessed it, “InstallShield Express for Delphi.”Install this program on your computer, then launch it and follow thechecklist. It’s that easy.

For those of you who don’t have InstallShield on your CD, the only thing you’vegot for BDE distribution is the RunImage directory on your CD. Go into thatdirectory, then click on BDE. You’ll see a number of files and a singlefolder called “Windows.” You’ll have to copy the files to your hard disk,then zip them up (you should probably span disks if you’re installing fromfloppy). These files comprise a complete BDE installation. With respect tothe Windows folder, the file contained in the System32 directory must besomehow copied to the Win95 or NT System Folder on your client’s machine.

The real disadvantage of the technique above is users will have toconfigure the BDE themselves, which is a pain for them, especiallyif they’re plain vanilla end-users. So if you have InstallShield on your CD,use it.


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