How to write application that will run on computer without the BDE

How to write application that will run on computer without the BDE

You already got this question, but your answer was far from what I was looking for.

How can I write an appication that will run on a computer without the BDE? I must use the BDE, and I would like to know how to go about this, if it’s possible.

I think I remember this question…

I might have answered your original question by suggesting you use the InstallShieldprogram to aid in the installation of your project, since it has the abilityto include the BDE with your application. The only other way around that isto get the run image of the BDE from the CD and include it with yourprogram. In any case, if you’ve written an application that uses the BDE(i.e., data-aware components accessing Paradox, dBase or InterBase datasets),you have no option but to include a BDE installation along with yourprogram. Sorry, but there’s no other way.

If you have some simple data, you can avoid the BDE altogether andwrite a program around a file of records. While that’s not hard todo, it requires that you write all the logic to cover data transactions (insert, delete, update, etc.).

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