Stacking frames

Stacking frames

Can you tell me how to stack frames? I am currently using three frames and need to add a fourth. My layout looks like this:

TopLeft    |    Content
I need to stack a frame on top of the left frame.
TopLeft     |    ContentLeft2   |     ”     ”   

If you’re trying to create a document that looks like this:

         ________    top |________|  left1 |  |     |        |__|     | content  left2 |__|_____|
You will need to call a separate frameset for the first. The first filecalling the frames would be:

<title>First Frameset, has three frames</title><frameset rows="110, *" frameborder="1" framespacing="0"> <frame name="top" src="top.html" scrolling="NO"> <frameset cols="205, *" frameborder="NO" framespacing="0"> <frame name="left" src="frame2.html"> <frame name="content" src="content.html" scrolling="AUTO"> </frameset></frameset>

The second file, frame2.html, called in the left frame would then call twoframes:

<title>Second Frameset, has two frames</title><frameset rows="*,*"><frame name="left1" src="left1.html"><frame name="left2" src="left2.html"></frameset>


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