Printing Single Lines to a Printer in VB5

Printing Single Lines to a Printer in VB5

Is there a way in VB5 to immediately print single lines of text to a printer for logging events? I had some success in VB4 by directly opening LPT1 and using the PRINT # command. Sometimes lines did not print immediately, but it was better than waiting for a whole page. This method of printing seems to hang VB5.

Good old Print # does not work well under Visual Basic 4.0 and above.However, you can print a single line to the printer by using this code:

Printer.Print “This is a single line of text.”Printer.EndDoc
This will print a single line on the top of the page and force the page tocome out of the printer. For more information, look at the help for thePrinter object. There are a wide variety of features in this object. Forinstance, you can change the font just by setting the Font property of thePrinter object. This is much easier than it was before when we just hadPrint #.

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