Learning VB 5.0

I’m very interested in learning VB for windows. im thinking about getting the professional editionupgrade, but $150 is pretty expensive for me right now. is the learning edition going to limit me asfar as the depth of programming i will be able to achieve? is the professional edition necessary toobtain a professional quality education and createpro-quality applications? i want to use this knowledge to get a job in the future…what do you think? i have previous pascal and basic programming experience, but not in windows.Version: Version 5.0, Learning Edition

If you’re really serious about learning VB, I would highly recommend theProfessional Edition. The Learning Edition is stripped down, although itdoes have good training material with it. The Professional Edition willlet you get into database programming, which is really important if youwant to do any serious VB work. In addition, you can find a wide varietyof training materials even if you don’t get the Learning Edition. Finally,by getting the Pro version now, you prevent yourself from running out ofprogramming power with the learning edition. I’d just consider it aninvestment and get the Pro version.

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