Writing applet to send info from forms to email address

I am wondering if I can write an applet that will send information from a number of forms to my email address without all the %$= etc. and without using CGI scripts (my server doesn’t allow CGI scripts).

If the SMTP port (25) on your web server hasn’t been disabled by thesystem administrator, you can open a socket to it and mimic the SMTPprotocol. Let’s say your host is www.sun.com:

Socket s = new Socket(“www.sun.com”, 25);   PrintStream out = newPrintStream(s.getOutputStream());
Then send the string:
 HELO xxx   MAIL FROM: yyy   RCPT TO: [email protected]   DATA   

Note the misspelling of “HELO”. I’ve done this on purpose to make the point that the xxx and yyy can be anything; SMTPdoesn’t check. Don’t miss the “.” on the second-to-last line.

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