32-bit executable/controls

32-bit executable/controls

I have a 16-bit win3.1 version of of a project. We recentlyreceived user requested thesoftware as win95 users.How can I distribte theprogram w/o having to developa program in 32-bit. I triedcopying the project and filesto a PC with Win95 and 32-bit compilerbut it still has 16-bit contros.Can you give me a suggestion how I can convert or make a new executable with little or noeffort. Thanks.Angel.

Your 16-bit program should run ‘as-is’ under Windows 95 and Windows NT, so if your only requirement is to be able to run under 32-bit versions of Windows, you need not do anything.If, however, you want to create a 32-bit version of your app, you must use a 32-bit version of VB4 or 5 running under Win95 or NT. There’s no way to create a 32-bit executable from a 16-bit version of VB.


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