December 5, 1997

Calling a Form

Question: How, in a database application, to use a table for selection byusers to call a certain form. For example, I could have a field with thename of the table

Creating a table using code

Question: Hi,Each time l try to create a table using code-not the database explorer, i get an error message:access violation at address 0042f540 read of address 7466654c.Whats the problem, how

Cancelling Database Operations In Delphi

Question: We need to include the capability to abort queries in our Delphi apps that are running under BDE connecting to remote Oracle databases. Occasionally, some queries take a long

Importing JPEG graphics during run-time.

Question: How do I import a JPEG image into an application during run-time? Answer: The Image and Picture Box controls in VB5 can display JPEG images. Use the LoadPicture function

The difference of FileLen() and Len()

Question: What are the difference between FileLen() & Len()? When checking the file size making sure it is not exceeding 32KB in the text box, should I use FileLen() or

Populating a ComboBox

Question: I am trying to populate a comboxbox from a table (or query). If I use dataware is only receive the first record, I however want all records in the

32-bit executable/controls

Question: I have a 16-bit win3.1 version of of a project. We recentlyreceived user requested thesoftware as win95 users.How can I distribte theprogram w/o having to developa program in 32-bit.