The difference of FileLen() and Len()

The difference of FileLen() and Len()

What are the difference between FileLen() & Len()? When checking the file size making sure it is not exceeding 32KB in the text box, should I use FileLen() or Len()?

If I use FileLen(), is this code correct?

dim VarFiledim FileTypeFileType=commondialog1.filenameOpen FileType for Input as #FreeFileDo While NOT EOF(FreeFile)Input #FreeFile, VarFileif FileLen(FileType) > 32000 ThenExit DoEnd IftxtText.Text = txtText.Text + VarFileInput #FreeFile, VarFileLoop

FileLen() returns the size of a disk file. Len() returns the size of a variable or constant:

   L = Len("hello")   ' Returns 5, because "hello"    ' is five characters in length

To check whether a file is larger than 32K, you may use the FileLen() function before you open the file or the Lof() function after you open it. For more information, consult VB’s documentation on the above functions.


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