Creating a table using code

Creating a table using code

Hi,Each time l try to create a table using code-not the database explorer, i get an error message:access violation at address 0042f540 read of address 7466654c.Whats the problem, how can l create a table using delphi code only?

The only reason I can think of that explains this is that you’re not instantiating the TTable variable. For instance,


alone will not work. You have to set up the database, tablename, and tabletype, and fielddefs properties. Here’s a code snippet that I know works:

var  tbl, sTbl : TTable;  typStr : String;  ch : Char;begin  {Create and set up the Destination Table}  tbl := TTable.Create(Application);  with tbl do begin    SessionName := ThrSes.SessionName;    DatabaseName := ExtractFilePath(TblName);    TableName := ExtractFileName(TblName);    TableType := ttParadox;    FieldDefs.Add('Field1', ftString, 10, False);    FieldDefs.Add('Field2', ftString, 25, False);    CreateTable;    Free;  end;

This is something that I pulled out from one of my own programs, and I know that it works – though I’ve edited it a bit for simplicity. You can use this code as a template.


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