Calling a Form

Calling a Form

How, in a database application, to use a table for selection byusers to call a certain form. For example, I could have a field with thename of the table for the user to read, and another field with the nameof the Delphi executable of the form for that table. But how would Icall it? Right now when I call another from from within the currentform, I use something like: XForm := TXForm.Create(Application); XForm.ShowModal; XForm.Free;What I want to do is “variable-ize” that operation. Can it be done,since to make the above work I have to add the file in the USES list?An alternative might be to let Delphi use the “wizard” somehow, but Ihave no idea how to do this to make it create some standard form foreach table that the user might select from the list. (I can create adefault grid and assign the table to the grid’s datasource, of course,but grids are somewhat lacking in navigation for anything but tableswith the smallest number of fields.)

If it’s a standard form, just auto create it at runtime, then set the TTable that’s embedded in it to point at the table you want the user to view. You still have to “use” it, but you only need to create it once.


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