CL.EXE Error

CL.EXE Error

I installed MS Visual C++ 5.0 at work and on my home machine. At work it’s fine running on Windows NT with 96 megs of RAM. On my home machine – Windows 95 with 24 meg – when I try to compile a small program under the ide I get “error spawning cl.exe”. No error number. I can generate a make file, and nmake works fine, even with the ide open at the same time. So I figure there is sufficient memory. There must be some other resource that’s tight, but I don’t know what.

It would be impossible to answer this question without examining your system. I would just point out that you should not get this error with 24MB of RAM. I have seen a message similar to this if you have insufficient space on your temporary drive. VC makes heavy use of your temporary directory and will fail if it runs out of disk space.


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