Control in what Container?

Control in what Container?

Is there a way to find out if a control that I am writing in VB5 is inside a container such as a picture box and then find out what the coordinates of the picture box are?

UserControls expose an Extender property, which can be queried for some pretty interesting things. Always be aware, though, that each host will offer different Extender properties, so wrap yourself up tight in error-handling if you plan to distribute controls that use this interface.

In this case, just query the UserControl.Extender.Container property to determine what and where it is. For example:

On Error Goto BadProperty   With Extender      If TypeName(.Container) = "PictureBox" Then         'query properties of picture box         Call GetWindowRect(.Container.hWnd, picRect)         ' do what you will with coordinates,          ' or other properties      End If   End WithOn Error Goto 0BadProperty:


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