March 16, 1998

Control in what Container?

Question: Is there a way to find out if a control that I am writing in VB5 is inside a container such as a picture box and then find out

Enumerating Function Parameters

Question: I’m writing on an OCX Control with VB5. I have a lot of functions in it and I dont want to scare the end user with a lot of

Compilers for Windows CE

Question: I’m developing a project that will use H/PCs. But which compilers are available for Windows CE? Answer: Currently, Microsoft is the only vendor offering a compiler for Windows CE.

Double quotes in queries

Question: OK, suppose you need to include in a query a string which contains both single and double quotes, for example:UPDATE Books SET Title = “Gulliver’s Travels”I need to save

Free System Resources

Question: Is there an API call to find the amount of free system resources in Windows 95? Answer: Good news and bad news, here. Yes, there is. But, no, you