March 16, 1998

Free System Resources

Question: Is there an API call to find the amount of free system resources in Windows 95? Answer: Good news and bad news, here. Yes, there is. But, no, you can’t call it from a 32-bit program. The simple truth is, FSRs are a relic of another era. They have

Double quotes in queries

Question: OK, suppose you need to include in a query a string which contains both single and double quotes, for example:UPDATE Books SET Title = “Gulliver’s Travels”I need to save those double quotes, since this is a title. The formatting function must also deal with strings having either one quote

Compilers for Windows CE

Question: I’m developing a project that will use H/PCs. But which compilers are available for Windows CE? Answer: Currently, Microsoft is the only vendor offering a compiler for Windows CE. However, others will certainly follow soon. Metrowerks Code Warrior is a likely candidate given the variety of platforms they currently

Enumerating Function Parameters

Question: I’m writing on an OCX Control with VB5. I have a lot of functions in it and I dont want to scare the end user with a lot of constants. For example: Public Function DoSomething(var1, var2) As Boolean The second parameter (var2) accepts about 15 different constants. How can

VB5(SP3) does not recognize the words Database …

Question: Please help. I cannot seem to get VB5(SP3) to understand the words Database, Workspace, etc. I had to reinstall VB and now none of my code works! Phrases like “Dim newDB as Database” do not work, and “Database” does not even come up as an allowable word on the

Control in what Container?

Question: Is there a way to find out if a control that I am writing in VB5 is inside a container such as a picture box and then find out what the coordinates of the picture box are? Answer: UserControls expose an Extender property, which can be queried for some