VB5(SP3) does not recognize the words Database …

VB5(SP3) does not recognize the words Database …

Please help.

I cannot seem to get VB5(SP3) to understand the words Database, Workspace, etc. I had to reinstall VB and now none of my code works!

Phrases like “Dim newDB as Database” do not work, and “Database” does not even come up as an allowable word on the pop-up after I type the word “as” The same applies to WorkSpace, etc.

PLEASE HELP – I am stumped

Ira Goldklang

This problem is not really restricted to service pack 3. In order for words like Database and such to pop up, you have to have the DAO 3.5 library referenced in your project. Select Project->References and add in the data access libraries — use DAO 3.5 if you’re talking to Access 97, for instance.


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