WinCE / Access97

WinCE / Access97

Can you design an Access97 application to run on a Windows CE machine? Has this been done? By whom? And finally, do you need to create a runtime version of an Access97 app to run successfully on Windows CE?

Is there a standard PS/2 keyboard port in the back of the CE unit that will allow you to hook up a scan gun (using a PS/2 adapter)?

No. The current version of Access is based on the Jet engine, which has a rather large memory footprint (in excess of 4 MB). As a result, there is no such thing as a small Access application when it comes to memory use. Windows CE devices suffer from a definitive lack of memory, so Access and Windows CE just don’t mix.

With respect to a bar code scanner, I suggest trying to find a scanner that hooks up to a PCMCIA card, as there is no PS/2 port.


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