converting ‘char’ to ‘char *’

converting ‘char’ to ‘char *’

I am writing a program in which I ask it to enter a name, and I want it to say if it is correct. My problem is that it says that it can’t convert ‘char’ to ‘char *’. I asked a friend, and he said to use a pointer. I looked under help and I don’t understand what it says. I have no books on C++. How can I convert them? Thanks for your help.

Too bad you didn’t post the line that caused the error. I suspect a simple change in syntax will do the trick. You cannot store a name in a single character so I’m going to assume you declared a character array. If so, all you need to do is pass the name of that array (without any subscript), and the compiler automatically interprets that as the address (a pointer) to the first character in the array.


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