Garbage collection process

Garbage collection process

If i have a code like this in the while loop

 while (true){ ldt_date = new java.util.Date()      ...}

Will the ldt_date variable be initialized with new location in memory all the time and previously allocated will be garbage collected by java. I am not sure about what’s happening in here.Could you explain me more about the behaviour of this statement.

Every time your example loop executes, a newjava.util.Date instance is created, located at a different place in the heap than the previouslycreated instance. If no variables reference thepreviously created Dates, then those data structures become eligible for garbagecollection. The general rule is that every timeyou use the new operator to create an object,new memory will be allocated and whenevera piece of memory is no longer reachableby tracing references from active data structures in a program, that memory becomes eligible for garbage collection. However, exactly whenand how memory is garbage collected is system dependent.

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