NT Workstation DualBoot with 95

NT Workstation DualBoot with 95

I have Windows 95 OSR 2 installed (FAT32). Should I be able to install NT Workstation/Server as a dual boot option? Whenever I run setup.exe I get a message like…

"Unable to install Boot Loader""Ensure your disk is formatted and not damaged"

Sorry to break the news, but NT 4.0 and before will not read local FAT32 partitions. NT 5.0 is supposed to, but that won’t be out for a while. You have a couple of choices:

(1) Reformat the boot disk for regular FAT, then copy the files back to the disk from a current backup.

(2) Install a new disk as the master disk (if IDE) or SCSI 0 (if using SCSI) and format that for FAT. Of course, you will either have to copy all the files from your current C: drive (now D:) drive), or do a lot of search-and-replace in the registry to change all the occurances of C: to D:. Plus, all your shortcuts, etc., will have to be changed sooner or later.

But the short answer is, the only current common denominator between Win95/98 and NT is standard FAT.


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