Year 2000 and C++

Year 2000 and C++

I am urgently looking for information regarding Year 2000 compliancy for Borland’s C++ compilers, esp. versions 3.1 and 4.02.

I can’t imagine anything about C++ or the compiler that would or would not be Y2K compliant. Rather, it is a question of the code you wrote that is being compiled.

Of course, Borland’s compiler has a rich run-time library, and you may even be using some sort of application frameworks. So this changes the question quite a bit.

Unfortunately, to get specific, you’d probably need to determine which date-related run-time library routines your code uses. For the most part, Microsoft and Borland compilers will handle dates beyond the year 2000 and normally document the precise range for each group of date-related functions. However, I don’t think it is realistic for Borland to take a position on the entire library as a whole and, ultimately, you’ll need to look at what your code does and determine if it is Y2K compliant.


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