What is the best path to follow if I wanted to learn to program? (VB, then assembly, then …)I need to know what to start with so I can move up according to experience.

There is no one way to answer this. I can just speak from my own preferences.

By far, C and C++ are my favorite languages in terms of flexibility and writing efficient code. But if you plan to program for Windows, you’ll definitely need to use something like MFC to avoid the need to write mountains of code for small programs.

Learning C, C++, the Windows API, and then MFC is certainly no simple matter. If you’d like to take that approach, I won’t tell you not to. But you might consider starting with something like VB.

Visual Basic makes it incredibly easy to write trivial programs and provides a good platform to learn more complex programming tasks. Most of that knowledge could be applied to C and C++ if you decide to make that transition later. Assembly language should definitely come later as it isn’t the hottest language today.

It really all depends on your goals and how much time you can invest.


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