SQL Query

SQL Query

I am a beginner in SQL and can’t figure out how to do this: I have two tables with three fields in the row of table1 referencing a master table in an n-1 relation as follows:

JobMast                          ContractorMast=======                          ==============JobID                                  ContrIDJobDescription                 -----1> ContrName GenContractorID    n ---------/ | |ElecContractorID   n -----------/ |MechContractorID   n -------------/

I want a query that returns a JobMast recordset, but replaces the contractor IDs with the full name:
The closest I’ve gotten is using INNER JOIN to get the result as separate records:


You need to refer to the ContractorMast table three times in your join. For example:

select job.JobDesc, Gen.ContrName,Elec.ContrName,Mech.ContraNamefrom ContractorMast Gen, ContractorMast Elec, ContractorMast Mech, JobMast jobwherejob.GenContractorID = Gen.ContrID andjob.ElecContractorID = Elec.ContrID andjob.MechContractorID = Mech.ContrID


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