How to capture return value of insert statement

How to capture return value of insert statement

I have a table, called bugs. I have an insert trigger on the bugs table that generates a unique id, called bug_id. When I perform an insert into bugs, it returns the bug_id it just assigned to that record.

I am writing a stored procedure called doit that will perform an insert into bugs. I want to know what the syntax is to allow me to capture the bug_id and use it for other actions.

Here is the code I have, which obviously won’t compile:

==========================create proc doit as   declare @bug_id int  select @bug_id = EXEC "insert into bugs (bug_id) values (0)"==========================

What is the correct syntax to allow me to do this?

I’m not sure I understand how or why you used a trigger to return the value of the identity field that was inserted.

The global variable @@identity contains the value of the last identity field that was inserted. Therefore, after an insert you should have a statement such as select @my_variable = @@identity.

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