Changing Windows NT Password Progmatically

Changing Windows NT Password Progmatically

How can I change my Windows NT server password through a program?

Actually, this is rather simple. However, heed the following precaution from the MSDN documentation on this function:

“A server or domain can be configured to require a user to log on before changing the password on a user account. In that case, only members of the Administrators or Account Operators local group or the user himself can change the password for a user account. If logging on is not required, the user can change the password for any user account, as long as the user knows the current password.”

IN A FORM:Private Sub Command1_Click()   Dim p_strUserName                As String   Dim p_strOldPass                 As String   Dim p_strNewPass                 As String   Dim p_blnRtn                     As Boolean      p_strUserName = Me.txtUserName.Text   p_strOldPass = Me.txtOldPassword.Text   p_strNewPass = Me.txtNewPassword.Text      p_blnRtn = Module1.SetPassword("", _                                  p_strUserName, _                                  p_strOldPass, _                                  p_strNewPass)   If p_blnRtn = False Then      MsgBox "Failed to reset the password for '" & _         p_strUserName & "'."   Else      MsgBox "Successfully changed password!"   End If   End SubIN A BAS or CLS FILE:Option ExplicitPublic Declare Sub CopyMem Lib "kernel32" Alias _   "RtlMoveMemory" (pTo As Any, pFrom As Any, _   ByVal lCount As Long)Private Declare Function NetApiBufferFree _   Lib "netapi32.dll" _   (ByVal lngPtrBuffer As Long) As LongPrivate Declare Function NetUserChangePassword _   Lib "netapi32" _   (psDomainName As Byte, _    psUserName As Byte, _    psOldPass As Byte, _    psNewPass As Byte) As LongPublic Function SetPassword(ByVal DomainName As String, _                            ByVal UserName As String, _                            ByVal OldPassword As String, _                            ByVal NewPassword As String) As Boolean   Dim p_lngRtn                        As Long   Dim p_bytDomainName()               As Byte   Dim p_bytUserName()                 As Byte   Dim p_bytOldPassword()              As Byte   Dim p_bytNewPassword()              As Byte   Dim p_strNewPassword                As String      ' Convert the domain name to a byte array   If Len(Trim$(DomainName)) = 0 Then      p_bytDomainName = vbNullChar   Else      p_bytDomainName = DomainName & vbNullChar   End If      p_bytUserName = UserName & vbNullChar   p_bytOldPassword = OldPassword & vbNullChar   p_bytNewPassword = NewPassword & vbNullChar      p_lngRtn = NetUserChangePassword(p_bytDomainName(0), _                                    p_bytUserName(0), _                                    p_bytOldPassword(0), _                                    p_bytNewPassword(0))   If p_lngRtn = 0 Then      SetPassword = True   Else      SetPassword = False   End If      UserName = p_bytUserName   OldPassword = p_bytOldPassword   p_strNewPassword = p_bytNewPassword   If Right$(p_strNewPassword, 1) = vbNullChar Then      p_strNewPassword = Mid$(p_strNewPassword, 1, Len(p_strNewPassword) - 1)   End If      If p_strNewPassword  NewPassword Then      SetPassword = False   End If   End Function


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