October 21, 1998


Question: When we copy an image (in bmp format) in a help file, we get a “not enough memory space” error when we compile. What are the formats of images that help will support? Answer: The following graphics types are supported: Windows bitmaps (.bmp or .dib), Windows metafiles (.wmf), Windows

NT and Windows 95/98 Network Integration

Question: At our school we have a Windows NT Server network (10O Base T and 10 Base T mix) for our students to use. We have a five-station peer-to-peer Windows 95/98 network in our office. My question is: We would like to access the student network (NT) from the office,

System-wide keyboard Hook

Question: I want to trap the special keys of Windows NT: Alt+Tab, Ctl+Alt+Del. In the first 10 minutes, I set a kbd hook and took a look at what were the keys I received. But the handling for these special keys takes place before even a WM_KEYDOWN is generated. So


Question: Other than specifying the “/o” option, is there a way to direct isql output to a file? I would like to specify the file name dynamically in a stored procedure. Answer: A stored procedure does not have access to the NT file system. (While you could use xp_cmdshell I

Finding User NAME on NT

Question: My problem is that once I get the logged-on user id, I need to get their full name from the NT security. Is this possible? For example: UID: jsmith123Name: John Smith or Smith, John (however names are stored) Answer: The following VB code will get you what you want

MTS 2 import package error

Question: I attempted to import a package (*.PAK) file from another MTS server, and I got an error message. Both MTS servers are running the same version ofNT and MTS. From the Packages Installed folder, I right clicked and selected New and then Package. Then I selected Install Pre-Built Packages.

Reset NT password with ‘User Must Change Password’

Question: We are trying to reset the NT password using structure USER_INFO_1003. Everything worked fine. Then we also needed to set ‘User Must Change Password at Next Logon’ option. There is no structure just to change that. What I can find is that the only structure I can use is

Changing Windows NT Password Progmatically

Question: How can I change my Windows NT server password through a program? Answer: Actually, this is rather simple. However, heed the following precaution from the MSDN documentation on this function: “A server or domain can be configured to require a user to log on before changing the password on