Splitting a TXT File

Splitting a TXT File

I want to split a TXT file into smaller TXT files. The program should split the file every time there are three empty lines. For example:


Paragraph1 and Paragraph 2 would become separate text files. I would be grateful if you could tell me which commands I should use or even build such program if it isn’t too difficult.

That’s an interesting problem. Assuming that you won’t ever need to go back to an original file, you can use the same file variable to handle all the destination files. It’s just a matter of counting. Here’s wrapper procedure that ought to work.

procedure CreateABunchOfFiles(SourceFile : String);var  fSource,  fDest       : TextFile;  buf         : String;  BlankCounter,  DestCounter : Integer;begin  //Let's initialize the variables  DestCounter := 1;  BlankCounter := 1;  AssignFile(fSource, SourceFile);  Reset(fSource);  AssignFile(fDest, 'Dest' + IntToStr(DestCounter) + '.TXT');  Rewrite(fDest);  //Now go through the file line by line  while NOT EOF(fSource) do begin    ReadLn(fSource, buf);    //Make sure we remove all trailing and leading spaces    //to catch blank lines. If we come across a blank line,    //then skip the rest of processing and move to the next    //one. This is ultra important because some text files'    //blank lines contain spaces or null characters, they'll    //be read as real bytes.    if (TrimLeft(TrimRight(buf)) = '') then        Inc(BlankCounter);    else      //Okay, we've come across three blank lines in a row      if (BlankCounter = 3) then        begin          //Reset the counter          BlankCounter := 1;          //Close current destination file          CloseFile(fDest);          //Increment the Destination File ID (DestCounter)          Inc(DestCounter);          //Open up a new file based on the new name          AssignFile(fDest, 'Dest' + IntToStr(DestCounter) +'.TXT');          Rewrite(fDest);        end      else        //Otherwise, just write the line to the currentdestination        WriteLn(fDest, buf);  end;end;

This solution is pretty straightforward File I/O stuff, so I won’t go into detail here. Look over the logic to understand how it works. I commented it pretty well so you can follow it easily.

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