January 29, 1999

Designating Disabled Text

A well-developed user interface will make it clear which components in a dialog are available to receive input from the user. The AWT Component class has a setEnabled method for altering the sensitivity, so when you extend the Component class and provide your own paint method, you should provide two

Runing a DOS Program

Question: I am trying to run a DOS program using the folowing syntax: WinExec(‘Command.com /c c: emaddr CN=variable’, wn_shownormal); I can’t manage to get it to work with a variable “variable”; I always get a variable conflict. Answer: You can’t just pass the variable on its own or as its

Controlling the Printed Page

Question: Is it possible to control the printed page size and layout in DHTML? In other words, can I control how a DHTML page looks when it is printed and control elements such as page breaks and object placement on a printed page? I have an Automated Letter Generation system

Splitting a TXT File

Question: I want to split a TXT file into smaller TXT files. The program should split the file every time there are three empty lines. For example: Paragraph1Paragraph2 Paragraph1 and Paragraph 2 would become separate text files. I would be grateful if you could tell me which commands I should

Dynamically Changing Table Values

Question: I have a table that contains the values returned from a SQL database. I have created a division within each cell. The ID value for the division is the keyvalue of the recordset. On mouseover, the DIV that I store the name of the current DIV in is a

SizeOf Function in Delphi

Question: I’m using Delphi 2.0 Client/Server. The Delphi Object Pascal user’s guide says that the Integer size is 2 bytes (signed 16-bit with Range -32768-32768). But when I do the SizeOf(Integer) in the Delphi Evaluate box, I get the value 4. Is the SizeOf Integer in Delphi 2 or 4

Displaying Text and Setting the Font

Question: I am working on a project that reads in teletext information from the COM port in 8-bit binary form. Since ASCII does not represent teletext graphical characters, I have written my own font to represent the teletext characters. How can I change the font with which they are displayed

The Access Specifier of Special Member Functions

The default constructor, copy constructor, assignment operator, and destructor are special member functions. The implementation implicitly declares these member functions for a class when the program does not explicitly declare them. The default access specifier for these implicitly declared functions is always public.

Standard Streams

C++ provides four standard I/O streams that are automatically instantiated before program’s outset. They are defined in the standard header : cin // standard input stream of charcout // standard output stream of char cerr // standard unbuffered output stream for error messagesclog // standard output stream for error messages

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