January 29, 1999

Designating Disabled Text

A well-developed user interface will make it clear which components in a dialog are available to receive input from the user. The AWT Component class has a setEnabled method for

Splitting a TXT File

Question: I want to split a TXT file into smaller TXT files. The program should split the file every time there are three empty lines. For example: Paragraph1Paragraph2 Paragraph1 and

Displaying Text and Setting the Font

Question: I am working on a project that reads in teletext information from the COM port in 8-bit binary form. Since ASCII does not represent teletext graphical characters, I have

SizeOf Function in Delphi

Question: I’m using Delphi 2.0 Client/Server. The Delphi Object Pascal user’s guide says that the Integer size is 2 bytes (signed 16-bit with Range -32768-32768). But when I do the

Dynamically Changing Table Values

Question: I have a table that contains the values returned from a SQL database. I have created a division within each cell. The ID value for the division is the

Controlling the Printed Page

Question: Is it possible to control the printed page size and layout in DHTML? In other words, can I control how a DHTML page looks when it is printed and

Runing a DOS Program

Question: I am trying to run a DOS program using the folowing syntax: WinExec(‘ /c c: emaddr CN=variable’, wn_shownormal); I can’t manage to get it to work with a variable

The Access Specifier of Special Member Functions

The default constructor, copy constructor, assignment operator, and destructor are special member functions. The implementation implicitly declares these member functions for a class when the program does not explicitly declare

Standard Streams

C++ provides four standard I/O streams that are automatically instantiated before program’s outset. They are defined in the standard header : cin // standard input stream of charcout // standard