Using a Non-Databound Grid

I am creating an Active Server Pages (ASP) application using Visual InterDev and I need to display data in a non-bound data grid. I have read that it is not advised to use ActiveX controls in Web programming, but I am lost as to what is the best control to use. I need this control to operate similarly to a Sheridan Data Grid. I have tried to incorporate Sheridan’s grid in my ASP page, but do not know how to add items to the grid in ASP. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

ASP and client-side script cannot talk to one another without a “bridge,” so you need to decide which one you want to use. Among other possible solutions, you could use a Visual InterDev Page Object DTC or you can use ASP to generate client-side script. Let’s look at using ASP to generate client-side script. Here is the ASP page:

<%@ Language=VBScript %>

Server to Client Script

The HTML that results is:


Server to Client Script

The client-side script that is generated from the ASP does not execute until it is loaded into the browser. In this case, you are assigning a value to a client-side variable. The value to be assigned is generated in ASP and used in client-side script. You are passing that variable to the VBScript MsgBox function. You could just as easily have passed that value to an ActiveX control and displayed that value in the control. The ASP page that is used to generate the client-script follows. Then comes the resulting HTML that is loaded into the browser and run. Good luck!

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