MicroSoft Visual Foxpro 6.0 Grid Control

I have a grid control on a form in Visual Foxpro. I want to keep it unbound and then later fill it with data. I set the recordsource property to none and have the recordsourcetype property set to “Table.” Even though I do this, the grid still displays information from whichever table in the current workarea. I also set the controlsource property of all my columns to “None.” Do you have any information concerning using unbound grids? Thank you.

Two things to try:

1. set columncount to 0 for the grid, OR

2. Rather than wrestle with this, you may want to add another grid (oFakeGrid) to the form, position it over the existing grid, and set its columncount to 0. When you want to view data, set oFakeGrid.Visible = .T.

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