Versions 5 and 6

Versions 5 and 6

Can you have both versions 5 and 6 of FoxPro installed and make applications that work with either versions 5 or 6? I want to make an app for a customer who has version 5. When I compile the code, will FoxPro pull files that were loaded from 6, therefore causing the app not to run in a version 5 environment?

1. VFP 5 and 6 can exist on the same machine

2. An app compiled in version 5 will not run in VFP6 unless recompiled under VFP6, and vice versa

3. I know developers who develop in version 6 and recompile in version 5 before giving systems to clients. The only thing to watch for is not to use functions new to version 6 (such as VARTYPE()) or version 5 functions with new parameters allowed in version 6, since version 5 won’t understand.


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