Saving VB 6 Files for VB 5

Saving VB 6 Files for VB 5

The computer lab where I’m taking a course has Visual Basic 6.0 now. Is there some way to save a VB 6.0 project so that it will be compatible with the VB 5.0 that I have on my home computer?

There are just a few differences between VB5 and 6. In most cases, you can simply load up the VB6 file into VB5. It will give you some minor errors about properties that it doesn’t understand, but other than that, the code and everything else will translate over correctly. The issue is nastier if you are using controls that are VB6 controls, such as the new Common Controls. In this case, you will either need to use the VB5 Common Controls, or you will have to rebuild the form, since the controls will turn into PictureBox controls when they can’t load properly.

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