May 3, 1999

Accessing graphics file from VB

Question: I need to store thumbnail graphics in an Access database (as an OLE object?) and be able to display the columns including the graphic in a table or grid.

Backward compatibility

Question: Is it possible to convert a VB 6 file to a VB 4 or 5 file? Answer: Sorry, I can’t tell you exactly how to do it. But I

Menu Security

Question: I am building a security program for a high school in my area. I need a way to allow the teacher to select menus in programs she does not

Unloading Application from Memory

Question: I have written an application that uses both DAO and OLE calls. This is a form-based application that sits on top of a CAD package. Sometimes when a user

Saving VB 6 Files for VB 5

Question: The computer lab where I’m taking a course has Visual Basic 6.0 now. Is there some way to save a VB 6.0 project so that it will be compatible

Maximum number of controls on a form

Question: VB limits the number of controls on a form to 255. How do you get around this without dynamically creating and displaying them or frames that contain them? Basically,