Event in a form

Event in a form

I’m a beginner VB programmer and am having problems figuring out how to handle events in forms.

I have a class that raises an event for each step in a series of processes. The event passes a string. I have a form that uses the class WithEvents and it can handle the event and the string that is passed along.

However, I need to pass the string on from my form to the MDI form so it can be displayed in the MDI status bar. How do I get the string from my form to the MDI form?

You can access the Status Bar control on the MDI form by prefixing it with the name of the form. For example, if the name of the form is mdiMain and the name of the control is sbrStatus, you access it from another form as follows:

 mdiMain.sbrStatus.SimpleText="In process"


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