Joining Syntax, Table Alias, and the As keyword

Are there any special consideration when using an Inner Join and two of the same tables, one used as an alias? What is the ANSI SQL-specific syntax for Inner Join, for example? (I’m connected to an Informix database via Microsoft Access 97.)

You’d be wise to name both uses of the table differently. The alias name has to come before the INNER JOIN keyword, like this:

from authors as writers inner join authors as cowriters...

The syntax from BOL:

SELECT p.pub_name, p.state, a.au_lname, a.au_fname, a.stateFROM publishers p INNER JOIN authors a    ON a.state > p.state

I’m not certain, but I thought ODBC at least catered to lowest common denominators to get the same response (if not performance) from server differences.

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