July 8, 1999

Migrating Data from R:BASE to SQL

Question: My company has been using R:BASE in the past and we recently upgraded our network and installed SQL. How can I migrate my old R:BASE data into SQL? I

Static vs. Dynamic SQL

Question: What is the difference between static and dynamic SQL? For that matter, what are they? Answer: Static SQL statements are embedded in the source code of a program. They

Associating an Icon with an EXE File

Question: I am using VFP 5.0. When I create an EXE file, how can I get my own icon associated with it? (instead of a Fox head) Answer: First, when

Changing NT 4.0 File Ownership

Question: Is there any way to change the ownership of files and directories with scripts or programs? Answer: You can use the SubInAcl.exe file (included in the NT 4.0 Resource

Binary File Support in SQL

Question: I have been asked to develop a database of imagery from a company’s slide collection that needs to be incorporated into a Web site. Does SQL support binary files?