July 8, 1999

Differences Between NT Servers and NT Workstations

Question: What is the difference between NT servers and NT workstations? Are they different machines or just different operating systems? Answer: NT servers and NT workstations run the same operating systems with different registry entries. Actually, there are a couple of other differences&#151such as some of the administrative tools that

Executing an Existing DTS Package

Question: How can I execute an existing DTS package from Visual Basic? Answer: Get an object reference to the package. I do this in Visual FoxPro: loxx=createobject(‘DTS.Package’,’CmdExample’) Then I ask for the package to execute: loxx.execute() Then I release it: loxx.release()

Oracle 7

Question: I am new to SQL. I need to use Oracle 7, but I need a user name and password. How can I get started? Answer: You need to ask your DBA to give you a name and a password, and then you must go into Control Panel and create

Suggesting a SQL Reporting Tool

Question: I need to get a handle on my choices for a SQL reporting tool for ad hoc reports. The quick-and-dirty requirements are that it must be able to develop reports from Sybase SQL Anywhere and MS SQL 7.0, and have the ability to port results to a Web interface.

Moving SQL 6.5 to a RAID 5 Machine

Question: We are currently running SQL 6.5 and want to upgrade to SQL 7.0. The machine hosting SQL 6.5 is not robust enough to handle SQL 7.0. We are running out of hard disk space and the upgrade to version 7.0 would surpass that by far. What is the proper

Common Stored Procedures

Question: I have three databases in SQL Server 6.5. All have the same structure of tables and stored procedures, but whenever I change stored procedures in one I must do changes on all other databases. Is there any way to create stored procedures for common use? Answer: I think the

Data Type for Time

Question: What is the data type for time? Example: 8:45 am Answer: What you really have is the tail end of a datetime data type. You can get it back this way by asking for this: select convert(char,getdate(),8) Hope this helps.

Remotely Shutting Down NT Using VB

Question: I am writing an application that needs to be able to shut down any NT workstation or server remotely. Do you have any ideas on how to do this with Visual Basic 5 or 6? I just downloaded a shareware program that includes one executable that can do just

SQLMaint Update Error

Question: When I run SQLMaint to update statistics on one of our SQL 6.5 servers, the table statistics get updated but it returns an error message: [4] Update Statistics…[Microsoft SQL-DMO] Error 156: [SQL Server] Incorrect syntax near the keyword ‘Table’. Why is this? Answer: My best guess is that there

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