SQL Adding Records

SQL Adding Records

What is the syntax for inserting multiple records into a single query. I have some files with thousands of records to insert and it’s too slow using Insert into x VALUES (a,b,c).

What I want to do is something likeINSERT INTO x VALUES((a,b,c),(d,e,f)…As many as I can in one hit. I am using access as the DBMS and VB as the programming paradigm.

Depending on where you are inserting from (I’m guessing tables) you might try INSERT SELECT.

From BOL;INSERT author_sales    SELECT 'SELECT', authors.au_id, authors.au_lname,         SUM(titles.price * sales.qty)     FROM authors INNER JOIN titleauthor         ON authors.au_id = titleauthor.au_id INNER JOIN titles        ON titleauthor.title_id = titles.title_id INNER JOIN sales        ON titles.title_id = sales.title_id    WHERE authors.au_id LIKE '8%'    GROUP BY authors.au_id, authors.au_lname


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