Scripting an Auto Reply

Scripting an Auto Reply

How do I write a script so that every time a particular mailbox receives a new message, that mailbox generates an automatic standard reply?

It’s fairly easy to send basic autoreplies from a mailbox.

The easiest way to do it is to log in to that mailbox with Outlook and configure the Out of Office Assistant to send the automatic replies out. Once you’ve done that you can log out of that profile and you don’t ever have to log back into it unless you want to change or turn off the autoreplies.

If you want these replies to go outside the organization?to the Internet for example?you’ll also need to check the Internet Mail Connector on your Exchange Server and make sure that automatic replies to the Internet are not disabled.

Fancier autoreplies are more difficult because using a template either requires some fancy scripting or use of the Rules Wizard?but that’s going to be a client-side rule so you’d have to leave a machine logged in to the profile in question for it to work.

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