Field That Can Hold More Than 255 Characters

Field That Can Hold More Than 255 Characters

I need a text (or char) field that can hold more than 255 characters. Something like a Memo field to hold almost unlimited character data. Is this possible?

Under SQL 6.5 you can use the TEXT datatype.

Text is not as simple to manipulate as the other datatypes, though, because you only get to retrieve 255 characters at a time, so to read it you must do multiple fetches from the text field.

The other thing to know is that by including the TEXT datatype in your schema, you give up the convenience of single-file restores in that database (some people think it’s more of a curse than a blessing anyway, because single-table restores are a great way to foul up the database’s referential integrity, like you restoring a table that is out of synchronization with its parents or siblings).


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