FoxPro Commands and the ODBC Driver

FoxPro Commands and the ODBC Driver

I’m trying to set up an SQL call (in ColdFusion) to a program (TESTOUT.PRG) that uses the FoxPro COPY TO command and user-supplied parameters to output the desired file type:

 SELECT testout('USER','XLS') as test FROM MyTableWHERE user='USER'

It doesn’t work. The driver (ver. 6) reports “Feature not available,” yet the command is listed as available in the driver help file.

Help! I really need to provide this feature to my users. Are there any alternative solutions?

The ODBC driver cannot execute FoxPro programs (which is what testout() is); that is why the feature is unavailable. I am not very familiar with ColdFusion but I would bet that you could create a VFP COM server that you could pass an ID to generate as a file:

 x=createobject("MyServer.TestOut")SELECT id ;    FROM MyTable ;    WHERE User="USER"    INTO ARRAY laUsersFOR I = 1 TO ALEN(laUsers,1)        x.Convert(laUsers[I],"USER","XLS")ENDFOR


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