December 23, 1999

Creating 30-Day Trial Applications

Question: I am Web site developer assisting a Visual FoxPro developer in distributing his creation via the Internet. He wants to create a 30-day trial version for distribution in this way. Does Visual FoxPro have any kind of canned modules available that would do this sort of thing or is

Giving Users a Save As Dialog Box

Question: I am creating a CSV file from a table via the export command and would like to give the user the option to name the CSV file at execution time via some type of Save As dialog box. Answer: There is a VFP function called PUTFILE() which calls up

FoxPro Commands and the ODBC Driver

Question: I’m trying to set up an SQL call (in ColdFusion) to a program (TESTOUT.PRG) that uses the FoxPro COPY TO command and user-supplied parameters to output the desired file type: SELECT testout(‘USER’,’XLS’) as test FROM MyTableWHERE user=’USER’ It doesn’t work. The driver (ver. 6) reports “Feature not available,” yet

Data Rollup

Question: I have a table containing records collected at variable times. How do I “roll up” the data to average over 15-minute periods in a query? Answer: I think I would try to group it by datepart(minutes, yourcolumn) if the data has the time part of the date in it.

Flipping Rows to Columns

Question: How can I select rows in a table and output them as columns in a resulting table? In other words, I need to “flip” my rows to columns and columns to rows. Any ideas or methods? Answer: You are searching for crosstabs. Take a look in the archives for

Tools for Documenting Class Libraries

Question: Is there a third-party tool that can be used to document VFP Class libraries and their components? Answer: VFP’s Re-Engineering wizard can move your classes to Rational Rose and Visual Modeler, and reports can be generated from there. There are also several programs that can be downloaded from the

Prompting After Setup.exe Runs

Question: Is there a way to prompt an end user to restart his machine after running the setup program to install my software? (I am developing in VFP 3.0 under Windows 98.) Answer: If you are using the Setup wizard (which ships with VFP) to make distribution media (disks, network

Using C++ for AIX Unix and Windows NT

Question: We are looking at Visual Studio 6 as a development platform. Studio 6 contains Visual C++, Java++, and VB version 6. Can I use this development platform to create executables for both NT and AIX Unix? If so, are there any “gotchas”? I have heard that C++ contains extensions

Using Auto_ptr with Arrays

Question: Can auto_ptr be used to hold a pointer to an array of objects? For example: auto_ptr p = new int[10]; When auto_ptr is destroyed, will it call the correct delete: “delete [] p” instead of “delete p”? Answer: No, you should never store a pointer to an array in

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