December 23, 1999

Creating 30-Day Trial Applications

Question: I am Web site developer assisting a Visual FoxPro developer in distributing his creation via the Internet. He wants to create a 30-day trial version for distribution in this

Tools for Documenting Class Libraries

Question: Is there a third-party tool that can be used to document VFP Class libraries and their components? Answer: VFP’s Re-Engineering wizard can move your classes to Rational Rose and

Prompting After Setup.exe Runs

Question: Is there a way to prompt an end user to restart his machine after running the setup program to install my software? (I am developing in VFP 3.0 under

Using C++ for AIX Unix and Windows NT

Question: We are looking at Visual Studio 6 as a development platform. Studio 6 contains Visual C++, Java++, and VB version 6. Can I use this development platform to create

Using Auto_ptr with Arrays

Question: Can auto_ptr be used to hold a pointer to an array of objects? For example: auto_ptr p = new int[10]; When auto_ptr is destroyed, will it call the correct

Iostream Objects’ Memory Use

Question: I have written this very small program in Microsoft Visual C++ and it seems that STL is dumping memory: #include #include using namespace std ;void main(){ _CrtDumpMemoryLeaks( );} The

Ambiguous Operator Error

Question: My small program (see below) below compiles and runs correctly on one machine and generates the following error on another: ‘operator

About Box and Splash Screen Missing from App

Question: I recently modified the following under my application’s class libraries… app_aboutboxapp_splash I rebuilt the project and executable, but when I run my application, text and images from both the

Replacement for the “Finally” Keyword

Question: I’m wondering whether there is any good replacement for Java’s “finally” keyword (that executes regardless of whether an exception is thrown a keyword) in C++. I’m trying to switch