Automatic Creation of Wrapper Methods in a Class

Automatic Creation of Wrapper Methods in a Class

I created a class such as this:

 class foo { int a; int b; char *atext; float anum; int c;public : void set_a(int newa); int get_a(); void set_b(int newb); int get_b(); ...}

I remember once in a book they explained how these wrapper methods can be created without having to create each of them individually (something that began with “a” or something…). Unfortunately, I can’t remember which book I saw it in.

Is there any way that all the wrapper classes can be created in one go instead of having to create them individually?

Both C++ Builder and Visual C++ enable you to automate this process by a point-and-click interface. However, this is strictly an IDE-dependent feature, not a C++ feature, so if you’re using another IDE such Turbo C++ or Dev-C++, you still need to write the accessors (“getters”) and mutators (“setters”) manually.


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