Send Parameters From HTML to a Form

Send Parameters From HTML to a Form

I want a link to refer to an order form, but I don’t need to use a database. I just want to pass a few details (like city name, country, and so on). Is this possible?


Sure it’s possible. You can use the HTML

tag to define the form area. Then add a page name to the ACTION parameter of the
tag. Create a second page (or you can use the same page) with a name that matches the value of ACTION parameter of the
tag. The page will collect the data from the form. Next, add HTML controls to the form area. Add a SUBMIT button to the form (it’s also an control). Here is an example:

After the user enters values for the controls on the form and clicks the SUBMIT button, the page named in the ACTION property will execute. Here is an example of code that may be included in MyPage.asp. Note that this example assumes that you are using Active Server Pages.

You use Request.Form to pass the value of a control on a form to a variable. It can give you the value for any of the controls on the form that caused the current page to execute (where the SUBMIT button and “ACTION=” is located. After the value that the user entered is in the variable named MyVariable, you can do anything you want with it.


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